At Prajwala BioEnergy is a one-stop-shop for anything under waste management- be it solid, liquid, gaseous or Hazardous and Biofuels-BioDiesel,BioEthanol. Our expert can customize from our wide gamut of waste management and Biofuels offering to suit your exact requirement. Our municipal and industrial waste treatment solutions are ideal for converting waste to energy, waste to fuel as well as liquid fuel,biogas, used cooking oil to Biodiesel.

Plasma Gasification Plant

Technology for plasma gasification of all types of waste has reached a maturity level where Prajwala BioEnergy can roll it out with confidence to deserving communities...

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Waste Water Treatment Plant

Waste Water Treatment using Advanced oxidation processes-(AOP) in a broad sense, are a set of chemical treatment procedures designed to remove organic (and sometimes inorganic) materials in water and waste water...

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Soild Waste Treatment Plant

Solid waste treatment using Plasma Technology to treat soild waste such as Municipal solid waste, biomass, industrial waste, hazardous waste, and solid hydrocarbons, such as coal, oil sands, petcoke and oil shale...

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Biodiesel is a renewable alternative fuel created from vegetable oils, animal fats, and greases through a chemical process. The chemical process involves reaction of natural oils with an alcohol in presence of catalyst...

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Biogas Plant (Biomethanation Plant)

Bio-Gas Plant involves aerobic digestion of biodegradable waste material before the anaerobic digestion. Due to this additional step, diversity of feed increases It can be constructed in different capacities ranging 100 Kg per day to 25 tonne per day....

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